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R & D Activities

R & D Activities of NFTDC is principally in TRL 3 to TRL 7 Spectrum. Activities start with a conceptual model of various technology with (know why) elements which are to be proved (TRL 3) as critical functions in terms of materials, processes and designs. It proceeds to a product or system level prototype design (TRL 4) and iterated with design modifications with imposition service conditions with a test rig (TRL 5) and proceeds to a engineering scale model at TRL 6 wherein all the design considerations are retired. In TRL 7, the crucial steps of process and manufacturing methods (know how) are brought in and if required process equipments are also designed as part of TRL 4 to 6 and pilot production ensues. The key issue is the process product integration and optimization with equipment & system integration followed by pilot production which dictates the success or failure of a technology development endeavour and these three tasks fall in TRL 7.

All project activities bring together the three macro core competence of NFTDC, viz Design, Materials and Controls to render system level solutions. Some examples are given below

Example of High Heat Flux Solutions :

India is a member of multi nation consortium and one of the important areas that are taken by India is to demonstrate materials processing capability at product levels in Cu-Cr-Zr and W based components. Process design and manufacturing technologies together with advanced testing pose challenges for the first wall and Beam Line Components. Two such components are shown below, namely Heat transfer elements and divertor blocks form two critical building blocks of any plasma containment system. NFTDC developed all the materials, processes and process equipments for manufacture of these components.