Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Union Minister for Science & Technology,
Earth Sciences, Environment, Forests and Climate Change-
Government of India

"The collaborative platform provided by the centre would bring best minds together and is expected to lead to research and technology outputs of immense value for clean energy driven growth. This would also accelerate innovation in clean energy domain for cost effective, reliable and robust solutions"

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma
Secretary to the Government of India,
Department of Science and Technology

"Development of efficient and effective materials is essential for innovations in clean energy domain. The centre would strive to address the gaps and address the residual research challenge to provide end to end solution through interdisciplinary research network”

Dr K Balasubramanian
Director NFTDC and Head DST-NFTDC
Centre for Materials & Energy Systems – Hydrogen

"NFTDC’s mandate is Technology Development and Translational R&D with emphasis on product – process integration and optimization in particular in materials to system level solutions. In line with the ethos of systems approach and end to end technology development in TRL 3-7 spectrum, this consortium addresses all crucial elements in technology development of Energy Devices with focus on generation, storage and utilization of Hydrogen in an integrated manner. Successful prior work in TRL 3 - 4 levels in all three above areas by consortium partners has been the foundation of this centre which now is embarking on a major challenge of materials to system level device development endeavour in three specific product verticals, namely integrated SOFC device with in-situ hydrogen generation, cost-effective solid-state storage solution and hydride-based cooling."

About Centre

DST- NFTDC Centre for Materials & Energy Storage Platforms (MECSP) involves graduation from TRL - 3 to TRL - 7, wherein multitude of core competencies (differentials) are brought together in a solution path integral. This TRL 3 to 7 translational R & D is predominantly anchored on Material - Process - Product integration and optimization involving and dovetailing many materials and processes in a functional product design as systems.

The Projects are executed under three work packages :

WP#1: SOFC Systems
Bio Syngas & CNG Reformation System + CHP & BOS for SOFC System.

WP#2 :Hydrogen Storage Systems
Magnesium - Carbon based H2 Storage Systems Development

WP#3: Metal – Hydride Sorption Cooling
Metal - Hydride Sorption Cooling based on Waste Heat / Solar Thermal
(CSH) - Materials, Design and Device Development

Three work packages are linked via five institutions focusing on Materials - Process - Product Integration

Objectives of the Centre

Conduct state of art TRL 3-7 translational R & D in Materials to H2 based Energy Devices in the area of SOFC, H2 Storage and Metal Hydride sorption cooling

Conduct Research & Development of novel materials as composites, graded materials, mixtures, materials + catalysts around the well - proven base materials to meet the figure of merit for SOFC, H2 storage and Metal - Hydride sorption cooling

Develop cost effective processes for synthesis, deposition, thermal treatment, thermo-mechanical processes, joining, precision manufacturing and assembly for enabling both materials development and their scale - up on one hand and materials to products manufacture on the other

Develop innovative designs and design for manufacture (DFM & DFA) of energy devices and conduct extensive simulation and modeling to distil high performance design configurations;

Design, develop and fabricate cost effective process equipments for materials synthesis and manufacture of devices

Render device designs in a process - product integration and optimization paradigm in TRL 4-6 translation to manufacture prototypes;

BOS and BioSyngas & CNG Reformation and undertake larger system level development and eventually graduate to TRL -7 pilot production of SOFC devices.

Develop functional test - beds and conduct long duration testing of the device; integrate the device in field level applications;

System level modeling and simulation to iterate the designs to optimize the performance parameters of efficiency, cycle life, ease of manufacture and cost metrics;

Upgrade pilot plants and establish pilot plant for scale - up of advanced materials RE oxides, catalysts, RE alloys to ensure supply chain based on indigenous RE materials;

Study techno - economics for feasibility of large scale product manufacture and market acceptance

To conduct focused workshops on SOFC, H2 storage and Hydride Sorption cooling.

To train the next generation researchers in SOFC, H2 storage and Hydride Sorption and develop system level thinking and engineering

To interact with energy companies in India and abroad to translate product to business

Macro Tasks + Shared Responsibilities

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Four centres, IISc Bangalore, IIT M Chennai, IIT Bhubaneswar and Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, together with NFTDC have appropriate core competence, decade(s) of experience, infrastructure facilities and proven track record to handle the problems chosen in this consortium.