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Career Advertisements

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1 Career(Fellowship: EE/EIE/ICE/PE)
2 Career(Fellowship: Chem)

Applications are invited throughout the year
for Knowledge Levels I,II and III in NFTDC

If you want to explore the ocean of possibilities with us now or in the future, contact us by attaching your CV in (word / pdf format) and statement of purpose, indicating in the subject line your Discipline via email to

The covering letter needs to be addressed to :

The Director
Nonferrous Materials Technology Development Centre (NFTDC)
Hyderabad-500058, INDIA

(You are welcome to drop in your CV via email at any time of the year 24x7 for any discipline/domain listed below)

Career Path in NFTDC (Knowledge Levels I to IV)

Knowledge Level I
Project Associate/Sr Project Associate; Project Engineer

Knowledge Level II
Sr Engineer; Principal Engineer

Knowledge Level III
Sr Principal Engineer; Dy Project Director

Knowledge Level IV
Project Director; Director

Knowledge Level I:
NFTDC invites bright & young engineers for working in challenging high technology areas

  • Candidates in all disciplines MUST –
    • Be Intrinsically Fast Learners across disciplines
    • Demonstrate good analytical skills
    • Demonstrate problem solving ability
  • Candidates MUST be ‘Initiative takers’ in implementing project goals
  • Candidates MUST possess excellent academic proficiency – as evidenced by comprehensive course work in respective disciplines

Academic Qualifications

B. Tech with a CGPA of 7.5 and above in

  • Electrical Engineering (and allied areas);
  • Mechanical (and allied programs),
  • Chemical, Materials/Metallurgical

M. Tech with a CGPA of 8.0 and above in

  • Electrical Engineering (and allied areas);
  • Mechanical (and allied programs),
  • Chemical, Materials/Metallurgical,

The short listed candidates will first undergo 6 month advanced training (interdisciplinary) in Engineering Design and Systems Development at NFTDC followed by opportunities to work on high technology live projects in automotive, aerospace, biomedical, energy systems and process & advanced manufacturing. Candidates desirous of concurrently pursuing higher research degrees will be encouraged.

Areas of Work at NFTDC in high technology projects

  1. Mechanical Eng. and allied disciplines
    • Engineering Design using advanced CAD (CATIA/ProE) tools;
    • Rapid Prototyping and Design for Manufacture
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Precision Engineering Applications using CIM and CMM
    • Hardware rending/manufacturing of components using CNC/CAM software.
    • Systems Level Engineering Design for Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Biomedical & Process Reactor systems
    • System Integration and Functional Testing of Engineering components & Systems
  2. Electrical/Electronics/Control & Instrumentation Engineering Disciplines
    • Simulation of Converters, Inverters using MATLAB/PSIM software followed by development of prototype units
    • Simulation, development, fabrication and testing of advanced motors for electric and hybrid automotive systems using advanced software (MOTORSOLVE, MOTOR CAD, SPEED etc) and state of art process equipments and test rigs.
    • Development of Electronic Control Units Controllers (ECUs) based on DSP and micro controller with appropriate algorithms for hybrid and EV systems and solar grids.
    • Development of Power Conversion units for solar, automotive and other advanced applications.
    • Energy management and control systems for micro and mini grids.
    • Development of Functional Test beds for integrated testing of motor + Energy device + control systems for EV and Hybrid Vehicle Systems.
    • Control & Instrumentation Systems Development for Process
  3. Chemical Engineering
    • Design of Process Equipment, viz., reactors, separators, flow manifolds
    • Making Process Flow Calculations (usage of Aspen Plus, CFD tools)
    • Designing, commissioning and operating experimental test rigs for reaction engineering/ separation experiments

  4. Materials Engineering & Allied Disciplines
    • Advanced Materials Synthesis
    • Speciality Melting, Alloying & Solidification processing
    • Deformation Processing & Thermo-mechanical Processing
    • Powder materials processing
    • Advanced Ceramics: materials synthesis to products
    • Nano materials, FGMs and multilayer materials
    • surface engineering, Advanced Joining
    • Testing and Characterization
    • Product Development & Scale up to Pilot Plant

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